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In our 'Thought Leader' magazine we feature the best stories our users create. These are hand picked by our editors daily every morning.

20k+ businesses work with StoryChief to increase their brand awareness while saving up to 6h of time on collaboration and distribution of their content

What's in it for you as a writer?

We only present the title, cover image, and slug of your article. This means that you are getting a backlink for free to the full article on your own website. We showcase the top five stories of the day in our daily newsletter and on Twitter. In addition, the best story of the day will be featured on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

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What's in it for you as a reader?

You are getting useful insights which you can apply to your own business from other entrepreneurs. 
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Hundreds of articles are created by our users daily. Every morning we scan the titles and move them to an icebox. Each article is then gone through, if it's good enough it'll become featured.

The criteria are:

  • It's relevant for entrepreneurs, business professionals. (Marketing, Sales, Design, Psychology, CEO content, etc..)
  • It's not spam or directly promoting your own products/services
  • It's in English
  • No content violation (racism, intolerance, ...)
  • No affiliate content
  • It's about sharing, caring, and giving. This is how you can build trust and become a thought leader
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